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wakeboard begginer

..alles rein hier ... Muddi räumt schon auf

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Beitragvon _Butterfly_ » 24. Mai 2017, 20:07

not a surfer
not a skater
not a sandboarder
...only an active person who have tried surf, sufpaddling and ski a few times out of curiosity.

I am trying tomorrow wakeboarding for the first time.
Tell me I'm not going to make a full out of myself :D :D

How 'easy' is it to pick it up for someone (a woman) who has no experience in board sports?
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Beitragvon VaporWave » 12. Jul 2017, 11:58

Hey, in Germany we have a saying "Jeder Anfang ist schwer" which means "Every beginning is difficult". But don't worry, it will get easier very fast. And means so much fun! :)
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