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Liquid Force Tao

Alles was den Wakeskater bewegt! Foam, Grip, Kickflip, Shuvit....

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Beitragvon Slick Rick » 11. Sep 2012, 10:18

was haltet ihr vom neuen Liquid Force Tao Skate
hier ein kleine Beschreibung.

Gruß Rick

Daniel Grant is a young shred who's definitely showing us the global potential in both wakeskating and the popularity of cable parks. Grant has been given his first pro model wakeskate from Obscura and Liquid Force, and they made this board extra special.

The Tao is a brand new wakeskate incorporating proven technology from Liquid Force's hybrid series. And couple that with the design experience from Liquid Force's Bryan Dawley and you've got yourself a wakeskate for next level schralping. Daniel's Tao wakeskate is a fully encased wood core wakeskate. And to make sure this board stands up to the abuse Daniel will put it through on the cable, it's got urethane rails and Liquid Force's grind base technology. You can read on for more specs, and check out the video from the Obscura Championships to see Daniel kill it on his new pro model.

From Liquid Force:


Tao Concave Series
It’s official… Wakeskating has gone worldwide and Daniel Grant is leading the charge for the “Generation Now” in skate. With help from him and others on our team, our designers went to work to create a next level board, which is our most durable, flexible, grind-able and rip-able skate yet! The Tao brings Hybrid Tech to the world of skate and ensures that the park rats, river rats, and wake rats have a board of the future, today!

Width Rocker
-39” (Symmetrical) 16 1/2” 1 7/8”
-41” (Symmetrical) 16 1/2” 1 7/8”

NEW for 2013… Phenom Daniel Grant’s 1st pro model!
Wood/Hybrid Construction- Precision CNC cut 100% wood core. Liquid Rail perimeter with sealed Liquid Rail fin pockets. Wood core is completely sealed and offers a very lively, snappy feel!
LF Exclusive Grind Base
Durable Sintered base material for long lasting rail park fun.
Progressive 3 Stage Rocker- A mixture of aggressive 3 stage and continuous rocker, this rocker profile allows the board to stay under your feet as you edge or leave the wake. The board reacts and stays under you, not being dragged behind as you leave the water.
Single concave -The progressive 3 stage rocker is complimented with a single concave throughout the board that helps the board track even truer, with a fin or without, when you are on edge.
Variable Rail Edge- The rail of the board is softer in the middle and as it gets closer to the tip it becomes crisp. This allows for a board that is forgiving when on edge, but tracks when placed on edge.
1.125 Obscura Fin- Comes standard with two Obscura fins. These fins are dialed in perfectly for this board, to help track when on edge, but it is also the perfect height to release on tricks.
Gripped Deck- Deck comes with applied die cut grip tape.
Vampire Park Edition Ronix Frank Boot
Slick Rick
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Beitragvon Wakeleon » 5. Okt 2012, 14:04

Sieht schonmal ordentlich aus würd ich sagen :D
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Beitragvon Wakeleon » 5. Okt 2012, 14:15

Ich denke mal es ähnelt sehr stark den Remote Wakeskates :)
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